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American Education Week 2016

Begun in 1921 as part of an effort to raise America’s literacy rate after WWI, American Education Week presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor the individuals who dedicate their lives to ensuring every child receives a quality education. Distressed that 25 percent of the country’s World War I draftees were illiterate and 9 … Read More

Must-Have Emergency Kit Items

As we discussed in a previous blog post, September was National Preparedness Month. Within that informative post, we provided you with a list of 5 easy steps to help make sure your friends and family are prepared for any potential crisis. One of those significant steps was to put together an emergency kit. To recap – you can create an … Read More

5 Ways To Prepare For A Disaster

September 1st marks the of end of summer for many Americans. More importantly it marks the beginning of National Preparedness Month. September has been designated as National Preparedness month in an effort to urge more Americans to prepare their families and homes for unexpected events and crises. Unexpected crises, whether a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or non-weather-related disaster, affect us all. It … Read More

Talking to Children About School Emergencies

It is more important than ever that students have a sense of safety in school. How can parents keep that sense in today’s world? Schools are different today than they used to be. For most of us, even millennials like myself, we remember feeling a sense of security at school. We went to school, learned (hopefully), had sports practice, and … Read More

Emergency Software That Doesn’t Reinvent the Wheel

With all of the excitement surrounding the “amazing possibilities” of technology in schools, there is something important often left out of the conversation: are these tools intuitive for schools to use? Ask any teacher, they’ll have no shortage of frustration regarding software mandated by their school. Whether it’s student portals, email systems, grading software, you name it, they complain about … Read More

The Roles Individuals Play During School Emergencies

As technology advances and encompasses more and more aspects of our lives, it is easy to feel like our individual roles in the workplace are gradually being replaced. However, incidents like lockdowns, code-reds, evacuations, and more are entirely different in that snap decisions made by human beings can often mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to crisis situations in … Read More

School Safety in the Modern Age

An emergency situation in the school setting is the worst nightmare of all parents and administrators alike. Advances in technology have changed the way that we approach almost every aspect of our lives, from how communicate to each other to how we access and store data. Such advances are becoming increasingly valuable in keeping our children safe and secure in the … Read More

Why Ruvna is Making Schools Safer

The conversation always goes the same way. “Oh cool! Tell me about your startup!” says the attractive girl at the bar, hoping she’s talking with the next Mark Zuckerberg. I respond with the line I say about twenty times a day, “we allow schools to locate and account for their students in real-time during emergencies”, and with that, the excitement … Read More