Create the safest school possible

Use Ruvna to communicate when it matters most through rapid alerts, real-time attendance, panic signals, and more.

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Ruvna provides a suite of solutions to streamline school safety

Each deeply integrated with your SIS and covered by our unmatched 24/7 support.
“I count finding Ruvna as one of my greatest successes here in the past 20 years.”
Celeste C
| Principal
COVID-19 Tools Coming for Fall 2020

Everything you’ll need to reopen school

Have the framework in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in your school, from preventing symptomatic students from showing up, to notifying families when a student is diagnosed.

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Locate students in real-time during emergencies & drills

Ruvna enables fluid, school-wide communication to help your school respond faster in the event of a crisis.

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Fires / Fire Drills
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Bomb Threats
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Severe Weather Events
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Active Shooters
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Shelter In Place
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Deliver alerts to the entire community

Take school notifications to the next level with Announcements, the easiest way to communicate with stakeholders both inside and outside of school.

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Schools love us

Schools and districts of all types and sizes rely on Ruvna to account for students during crises, communicate with families, and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“We are big fans of Ruvna and our board is very impressed with it.”

“Without Ruvna, I do not know how we could have possibly tracked the safety of everyone”

“It made my job easier because any faculty member was able to mark any student or fellow colleague as safe. When we have relocated 1,100+ people, this particular aspect cannot be overstated.”

“The training was excellent and you are one of the few companies that actually deliver more than promised.”

“Our unexpected fire drill last Friday was completed in 4 minutes - and this was at lunchtime and with a large group of non students and parents on campus!”

“I believe it is a necessity for any school to have in this day and age.”

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