The new standard for school safety.

Real-Time School Crisis and Emergency Management

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Ruvna protects schools during:

Fires / Fire Drills  •  Lockdowns  •  Bomb Threats •  Severe Weather Events  •  Active Shooters

Rethink School Security

Powerful and proven technology to help you command any crisis.

Real-Time Check In

Know within seconds which students are safe and which need help.

Digital Safety Plans

Access your complete safety plan, maps, & more at all times. From any device.

Alerts & Notifications

Ruvna notifies all of your stakeholders immediately across all channels.

SIS & Attendance Sync

Sync students, teachers, rosters, and attendance data from your SIS.

Live Messaging

Keep your entire team in the loop during a crisis with group-wide chat.

24 x 7 Support

Unmatched support makes sure your team is trained and successful with Ruvna.

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Built Just For Schools

Schools don’t work like offices or hospitals, your safety app shouldn’t either.

Lockdown Quickly

Ruvna syncs with your SIS multiple times a day, making sure teachers always have accurate rosters and class lists. Ruvna notifies teachers immediately and guides them through safe lockdown and crisis procedures.

Provide Instructions

Ruvna has group-wide messaging built-in. With messaging, you can send rapid alerts with up-to-date instructions and respond to staff questions with ease. Sensitive messages can be targeted to administrators, enabling seamless communication.

No Device? No Problem.

Ruvna works on any internet-connected device with no required app download. Plus, all teachers can view all rosters, so even staff who don’t have a phone can check-in their students using any nearby device.

Real-Time Response

During an emergency, every second counts. Ruvna tracks which students are safe and which need help live to give you a real-time picture of where to direct resources.

  • Gain Complete Accountability

    Follow along live as teachers use Ruvna to take attendance during a crisis. Any faculty member can check-in any student, helping you achieve 100% student accountability.
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  • Remain Connected with Faculty

    Send critical information to your entire team in an instant. Empower your entire staff to communicate seamlessly – no more walkie-talkie troubles.
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  • Support Student Needs

    Dispatch help immediately when any student requires attention. Keep law enforcement, first responders, and administration up-to-date at all times.
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The Safest Schools Rely on Ruvna

Ruvna provides safe and easy notifications for schools to use in the event of a lockdown, fire, or other crisis. With Ruvna, schools can account for 100% of students and staff in the moments that matter most.

Clever Certified

Sync Student, Roster, and User data directly from Clever. Don’t use Clever? We support SFTP, APIs, and custom solutions too! Ruvna works with all major SIS vendors.

Student Self Check-In
Account for students during lockdowns, weather events, evacuations, and drills – even if they aren’t with a staff member – using Student Self Check-In.
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    LARGO Security Consulting
  • “A product that easily allows teachers and school administrators to account for students in the case of a school emergency.”
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